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Significance of Astrology Houses

In Astrological chart, there are 12 houses and each house represents a certain aspect to human nature. The planets occupying that house govern and rule the characteristics of that house.

Personal Houses- # 1, 2, 3, 4

  • House # 1 (Ascendant) : Self Marked by the Ascendant. Self Awareness. Self Discovery.
    Persona. The behavior, temperament, appearance,  health that is projected. House of the ego and physical self. Challenge is to develop unique identity and present it to the world. House signifies “Being.”
  • House #2 : Possessions Personal Resources Values. Skills. Possessions.
    Your material side. Security, gains, losses, finances. House of property & financial matters. How to generate resources. Challenge is to define and refine personal values, inner and outer talents and resources. House signifies “Having.”
  • House #3 : Communications Siblings Communication. Mental Activity. Learning. Immediate environment and day-to-day activity Mental aptitudes Early childhood & siblings. Short journeys. Early education. Challenge is to organize experiences to become unique and then to present them to others. House signifies “Informing.”
  • House #4 : Home & Roots Home and Hearth.  Inner World. Inner security. Domestic affairs. Family life. Parental influence. The past. Childhood. Deep rooted influences. Private thoughts. Challenge is to develop emotional closeness, feel secure, face past. House signifies “Nurturing.”

 Relationship Houses- # 5, 6, 7, 8

  • House # 5:  Creativity & Children Creative expressions of self. Children Love affairs. Procreation. Luck and speculation. Romance. Enthusiasm. Motivation. Games. Feel special. Fun, Excitement. Challenge is to  develop creativity and self-esteem and to find joy in living. House signifies “Expressing.”
  • House #6: Service & Health. Daily Life. Health.Work and job. Self Improvement. Employer/Employees. Routine. Hygiene. Hard work. Service to others. Material learning. Habit patterns. Pets. Food and Diet. Challenge is to be competent, efficient in physical body and in one’s work day. ” House Signifies Analyzing.”.
  • House # 7: Marriage & Partnerships Awareness of Others. Relationships. Marriage partner. Business partners. Contracts. Joint endeavors. Significant Others. Social concerns and activities related to others. Attitudes of intimacy. Friends and public. Challenge is develop committed relationships with others. “House signifies Relating.”
  • House # 8: Death & Rebirth Depth interactions. Sharing. Letting go. Shared resources. Self-Mastery. Life/Death attitude. Possessions of others. Sex/Regeneration. Wills & legacies. House of change. The esoteric. Challenge is to face deep psyche and eventually nourish new growth. ” House of Letting go.”

 Universal Houses- # 9, 10, 11, 12

  • House # 9: Mental Exploration Awareness of the Cosmos. Religion. Law. Travel & Quests. Journeys. Expanded horizons Philosophy. Publishing. Higher learning. Foreign countries. Higher Mind. Challenge is to broaden the self and realize ones highest potential. ” House of Expansion”.
  • House # 10: Career Vocational Purpose. Taking Power. Career. Outer World. Contributing to society. Accomplishments. Reputation. Status.Fame (or lack of). Worldly standing.Your calling/future. Challenge is to earn respect and recognition in the world and contribute to society. “House of Structuring.”
  • House # 11: Friends & Groups Collective groups. Group creativity. Friends. Hopes & wishes. Teams. Clubs. Organizations. Acquaintances and contacts. Alliance/networking. Challenge is to establish relationship with group consciousness and contribute your gifts to the community.“House of Reforming.”
  • House #12: Karma & Spiritual Path Transcendence. Spiritual Life. Solitude. Search for unity and divinity. Subconscious mind. Hidden resources. Hidden problems. House of  secrets. Self undoing. Sacrifice. Challenge is explore inward, discern, let go, and grow. “House of Transcending.”


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  Margashirsha Purnima, 18 December 2023, Monday
  Mokshada Ekadashi, 22 December 2023, Friday
  Pausha Putrada Ekadashi, 21 January 2024, Sunday
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