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Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji

Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji

Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji

Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji was the mother of, Sri Sat guru Jagjit Singh Ji.

Mata Bhupinder Kaur ji was born in November of 1898 in the village of Gurusar near Dub-vali Abhor, in Punjab. Mata ji was the fifth born child to father Sunder Singh & mother Ram Kaur. She had 3 brothers and a sister. She was affectionately called Veero. It is said that in her childhood a sadhu predicted that she will one day become a jagat mata and that everyone should treat her with a lot of respect.

By the age of 10yrs she had memorized all the 5 banis and had also done the entire paath of Adh Guru Granth Shaib Ji. She soon possessed all the characters of a guru-mata which are a personality enshrined with sewa, respect, gracefulness, natural beauty, humbleness, patience and modesty.

Satguru Pratap Singh Ji was 24yrs old when He sat on the Gur-ga-dhee of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On 22 December, at the age of 16yrs, Mata ji was married to Satguru Pratap Singh ji. Along with her daily life she did seva with her bare hands in Sri Bhaini Sahib.

Once Satguru Ji was away from Sri Bhaini Sahib and Sant Mohan Singh Vadala & his jatha were camping along the river just outside Sri Bhaini Sahib. In a few days Sant Mohan Singh Ji\'s ration dwindled to almost nothing and requested Mata ji for provisions. Mata ji had no immediate funds at the time. She opened a trunk which contained her personal belongings and took out some gold ornaments, which she sold and provided the jatha with the langar for a few more days, till Satguru Ji returned back from the tour. On his return Satguru Pratap Singh heard about the incident and blessed Mata Ji.

88 years ago Mata Ji sought permission for women to take part in Jap Prayogs. In 1919, Mata ji asked Satguru Pratap Singh ji for permission to take part in the Jap Prayog. This was granted and all women joined Mata Ji for this annual Jap Tap. Since then women take an equal part in the Jap Prayogs.

In November of 1920, the old sadhus prophecy finally become true and Mata Ji gave birth to Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji in Sri Bhaini Sahib. In November of 1923, another son was born. After the birth of Maharaja Bir Singh Ji, Mata Ji\'s health did not recover and on 14 Sept she left for heavenly abode.
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