Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima
This year's Kartik Purnima

Tuesday, 08 Nov - 2022

Kartik Purnima in the Year 2022 will be Celebrated on Tuesday, 08 November 2022.

Kartik Poornima is commended by devotees of Jainism as a Jain light celebration. On this day Lord Mahavira is worshiped. Lights are lit under the moonlight sky. Lovers visit Palitana- well known Jain journey which is tossed open for the aficionados on this day in the wake of being shut for open throughout the four months of a rainstorm.

Muslims pay respect to the withdrew souls and petition God for the prosperity of their close and dear ones.

In Hinduism, this day is praised for much noteworthiness. Some outstanding among these are –

As indicated by Shastras, after the culmination of Chaguaramas, this day is the start of Lord Vishnu\'s slumber. Fasting in the Kartik month is recognized to be the way to salvation in Kalyug.

On this day Lord Vishnu took avatar as Matsya or the fish incarnation keeping in mind the end goal to spare Manu, the first man, from the antiquated surge that obliterated the universe. It is a result of Manu that Man is called "Manav" or "manushya" in Sanskrit. subsequently the day is likewise adored for his introduction to the world of Matsyaavatar. It is accepted that performing Puja to Lord Vishnu on this day can produce huge fortune for enthusiasts.

This day is otherwise called Dev Diwali or Dev-Deepawali- the celebration of lights of the divine beings. It is accepted that on this day God\'s plummet on earth and live in the holy waterways. Subsequently, Karthik Purnima snan achieves high imperativeness as it is accepted that aficionados throughout this snan dispose of their negativities and accept the endowments from all the Gods. On the otherworldly front, washing in these consecrated streams intends to rinse our internal identities, refine brain and soul against negative emotions like apprehension, ravenousness, jealousy, indignation, egotism, and self-centered wishes and supplanting the same with affection, empathy, liberality, generosity, and truth.

Karthik Poornima is likewise committed to the dead predecessors. On this day a custom shower at a journey put particularly at Pushkar or Varanasi is acknowledged as generally propitious.

The Karthik Poornima day is likewise the birthday of Vrinda, the exemplification of the Tulsi plant and a day ago to perform Tulsi Viva

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