Naraka Chaturdashi 2023

Naraka Chaturdashi 2023
This year's Naraka Chaturdashi 2023

Sunday, 12 Nov - 2023

Naraka Chaturdashi in the Year 2023 will be Celebrated on Sunday, 12th November 2023

Naraka Chaturdashi is a Hindu festival, which falls on the second day of the festival of Diwali.

Kali means Dark (evil) and Chaudas - Fourteenth. Thus, celebrated on the 14th day of the dark half of Ashwin month, Kali Chaudas is the day allotted to the worship of Maha-Kali or Shakti and is believed that on this day Kali killed the wickedest NARAKASURA. Also referred to as Narak-Chaturdashi, Kali Chaudas is a day to abolish laziness and evil which creates hell in our life and shines a light on life. The strength to protect others is referred to as Kali, and if it's used for God's work is called Mahakali.

The pooja is performed with Oil, Flowers, Chandan and Deepak. Coconuts are also offered to Hanumanji with Prashad of Sesame seed, Brigadoon and rice with ghee and sugar .

On this day, a head wash and application of kajal in the eyes is believed to keep away the kali Nazar (evil eye). Some say that those who are into tantra, learn their 'mantras' on this day. Alternatively, people offer Nived (food) to the goddess that is local to where they are originally from. This goddess is called their 'Kul Devi', in order to cast off evil spirits. 

Some families also offer food to their forefathers on this day. The second day of Diwali is known as Kali Choudas in Gujarat, Rajasthan & a few parts of Maharashtra.

This day celebrates the victory of the God Krishna over the demon of filth, Narakasura. On this day Hindus get up earlier than usual. The men will rub their bodies in perfumed oils before bathing. Afterward, clean clothes are worn; some people wear new ones. A large breakfast is enjoyed with relatives and friends. 

In the evening, a mix of bright and loud fireworks are set off in an atmosphere of joyful fun and noise. Special sweet dishes are served as part of the midday meal. House is lit with oil lamps during the evening.

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Memories of moments celebrated together
Moments that have been attached in my heart forever
Make me Miss You even more this Navratri.
Hope this Navratri brings in Good Fortune

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