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Know to please the planet

How to Please Surya Planet 

Here are  methods to please Surya Planet

  • Worship ruling deity Lord Shiva
  • Recite Adityahrudayam daily or Gayatri mantra
  • Japa to be completed in 40 days
  • Recite the Surya stothra.
  • Donate wheat or sugar candy on Sundays
  • Fasting on Sunday
  • Rudrabhishekam to be performed
  • Wear Eka Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Offer prayer with red flowers and red sandal etc., every day.

How to Please Chandra Planet 

Here are  methods to please chandra Planet

  • Worship ruling deity Goddess Gouri
  • Recite Annapurna stothra
  • Japa to Chandra to 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
  • Recite Chandra stothra
  • Donate cow's milk or rice on Mondays
  • Observe fasting on Mondays
  • Pray sincerely Goddess Durga Devi
  • Wear two facet Rudraksha

How to Please Mangal Planet 

Here are  methods to please Mangal Planet

  • Worship the ruling deities of Kartikeya and Lord Shiva
  • Recite the stothras of Kartikeya or Shiva
  • Japa to Kuja 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
  • Donate Masoor dal on Tuesdays
  • Worship Kartikeya
  • Wear 3 Mukhi Rudraksha
  • Recite the mantra 11,000 times and offerings are red sandal and red flower.

How to Please Budha Planet 

Here are  methods to please Budha Planet

  • Worship Lord Vishnu
  • Recite Vishnusahsranamam regularly
  • Japa to Buda 17,000 times in 40 days
  • Recite Budha stothra
  • Donate Ragi or Green Gram on Wednesday
  • Fasings on Wednesdays
  • Wear four mukhi Rudraksha
  • Mantra to be recited with various colors of flowers

How to Please Guru Planet 

Here are  methods to please Guru Planet

  • Worship Lord Shiva
  • Recite Sri Rudram
  • Japa to Guru 19,000 time in 40 days
  • Recite guru stothra
  • Donate Safforan, Turmeric or sugar on Thursdays
  • Fasting on Thursdays
  • Wear five facets Rudraksha
  • Recite Moola mantra for 19,000 times along with pooja with Kesar, Sandal and yellow flowers

How to Please Shukra Planet 

Here are  methods to please Shukra Planet

  • Worship Goddess Shakthi
  • Recite Shree Sooktam Devi Stuti
  • Japa to Sukra
  • Recite Sukra stothra
  • Donate clothes, milk or curd to a woman on Fridays
  • Wear 6 facets Rudraksha
  • Mantra should be recited 16,000 times and pooja must be done only with white flowers and white sandal

How to Please Shani Planet 

Here are  methods to please Shani Planet

  • Worship Lord Hanuman
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa
  • Japa to be performed to Sani
  • Recite Sani stothra regularly
  • Donate black oil on Saturday
  • Fasting on Saturdays
  • Wear 7 facets Rudraksha
  • Recite the Moola mantra for 19,000 times

How to Please Rahu Planet 

Here are  methods to please Rahu Planet

  • Worship Lord Shiva
  • Recite Kalabhairavashtakam
  • Japa to be performed to Lord Rahu
  • Recite Rahu stothra
  • Observe fasting on Saturdays
  • Wear 8 facets Rudraksha
  • Moola mantra must be recited 18,000 times

How to Please Ketu Planet 

Here are  methods to please Ketu Planet

  • Worship Lord Ganesh
  • Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama stothra and also Shiva Panchakshari
  • Perform japa to Ketu
  • Recite Ketu Moola mantra
  • Donate mustered seeds on Thursdays
  • Moola mantra should be recited for 17,000 times and the pooja should be performed with ash colored flower and sandal.
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