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Remedies for Daily Problems

Remedies To Get Promotion, good job, Career and solve money problems.

1. Purchase a steel Lock on Friday. But do not open this lock or not let the shopkeeper open the lock. Purchase it without opening by anybody. Keep this lock in your sleeping room in the Friday night. Offer this lock in any Religious Place (Temple, Gurudwara etc.) on Saturday morning without opening the lock. Whenever anybody will open the lock that he/she will be opening the lock of your LUCK.
2. Take (Eat) Dark Red Rajma(kidney beans) on every Thursday.
3. Walk on the grass daily in the early morning without shoes.

Remedies To sell property and house
Bring 86 Sabut Badaam/Almond (with Chilka ie unpeeled). Take two Badaams to the Mandir after taking Bath and without taking anything in the morning. Keep both the Badaams in front of Shivling or Shiva Ji. Do the prayer for the sale of property. Bring one of the two Badaams back to your house and keep this in separate and safe. Do this for 43 days regularly.
After 43 days immerse (Jal Prawah/immerse in running water, do not immerse in still water or pond or lake.) these 43 Badaams, which you have brought back from the Mandir/temple, in a River. If you Manage to sell your property/house before 43 days (it mostly happens) do not stop to go to the Mandir and offer Badaams. You should complete the Upaya/Remedies as specified, even if the results are achieved beforehand.

Remedies To get back payment stuck with people or the govt agencies.
Offer water to the Sun God daily with 11 beej of Red Chilly (Lal Mirch) in the water. Face the rising sun and offer water on the floor of the balcony or terrace or courtyard and pray for getting back the payment and recite Strotra – “Om Adityay Namah“.


Remedies To improve business and increase sales
1. Place very small quantity of Wheat floor both side of the entrance Gate/door of your factory/office in Shukla Paksh (Suklapaksha is  the period from New(no/Amavasya) Moon to Full/Poornima Moon). Bear in mind that no body should see you doing this.
2. Keep ” Abhimantrit/energized ” `Shree Yantra’ at Pooja Ghar of your office.
3. Bring one and quarter kg(sava kilo) {1 ¼ Kg) of black Chana(Desi chana or ghode ka chana) on Friday and keep these Chana in water in the night. On Saturday morning fry these in Musterd Oil(Rai ka tel or Sarson ka tel). Divide it into 3 parts. Offer one part of this to Horse, second part to Kusht Rogi/Leper.  Take the 3rd part and move it anti-clockwise on your head and keep this on the Crossroads (Chouraha). Come back without talking to anybody. Do this for 40 days.

Remedies To overcome enemies and gain strength of the mind
Bring a note book and a red pen. Write “Shree Rama Jayam” (Praise to the Lord Rama/Praise and Success to Lord Ram)on  this notebook with red pen every morning after taking bath and without taking anything to eat, as many times as you can. Write the Ram-naam up to 125000 times. After completion offer this notebook to Hanumanji with Ladoo made of Besan, Desi Ghee + Tulsi leaves. Lit 11 Diyas of Desi Ghee in the Mandir. You will notice positive results immediately.

  Jaya Ekadashi, 31 January 2023, Tuesday
  Bhishma Dwadashi, 1 February 2023, Wednesday
  Magha Purnima, 5 February 2023, Sunday
  Guru Ravidas Jayanti, 5 February 2023, Sunday
  Vijaya Ekadashi, 16 February 2023, Thursday
  Mahashivratri, 18 February 2023, Saturday
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