Shradh Start Date 2020~श्राद्ध शुरू

Shradh Start Date 2020~श्राद्ध शुरू
This year's Shradh Start Date 2020~श्राद्ध शुरू

Tuesday, 01 Sep - 2020

Shradh Start ~ श्राद्ध शुरू in the Year 2020 will be Celebrated on Tuesday, 01 September 2020.

In Hinduism, Shradh (Pitru Paksha) is the rituals performed by relatives for the departed souls of dead ancestors, parents, and relatives. Tarpan and Shradh are performed on all Amavasi or no moon days. But the most important period to perform Shradh is the Pitru Paksha Period during the Krishna Paksha fortnight in Ashwin month (September October). In some regions, this period is the Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha.

Pitru Paksha 2020 dates~ Shradh 2020 dates

September 1, 2020 Mahalya Pitru Paksha begins

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Memories of moments celebrated together
Moments that have been attached in my heart forever
Make me Miss You even more this Navratri.
Hope this Navratri brings in Good Fortune

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