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Pilgrimage in India -Gurudwaras(गुरूद्वारे)


Gurdwara Shri Khadur Sahib

Gurdwara Shri Khadur Sahib is situated in the Khadoor Sahib. This place falls in Taran-taran district of Punjab, 40 Km. from Amritsar and 21 Km. from Tarantaran Distt. The Eight Guru Sahibaans with their visits to this place made this land a Holy place.

SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI during his preaching tours came 5 times to this place. GURU SAHIB used to stay at BIBI BHARAI's house. During GURU SAHIB's last tour when BIBI BHARAI requested GURU SAHIB to stay for one more day, GURU SAHIB replied that he would stay for many days & would take rest on this bed only where he was sitting.

SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI sat on the throne & came from Kartarpur, Pakistan to Khadoor Sahib on the orders of SHRI GURU NANAK DEV JI & stayed at BIBI BHARAI's house for 6 months & 6 days & devoted himself to Naam Simran. GURU SAHIB took rest on the same bed regarding which GURU NANAK DEV JI told about. At last BABA BUDDA JI disclosed you. Shri Guru Angad Dev Ji spent whole of his time as a GURU, for around 13 years, here only by serving his followers with Naam Updesh and at last on March 29th 1552 A.D., Guru Sahib Left his heavenly abode at this place.

SHRI GURU AMARDASS JI :-In the year 1541, SHRI GURU AMAR DASS Ji came to SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI & for around 12 years, with his devotional service, used to fetch a water filled Gaagar early morning from the Beas river Goindwal Sahib, which is around 9 kms away, for GURU JI to take bath. His service was acknowledged & hence he got "Gurta Gaddi".

SHRI GURU RAMDASS JI while going from Goindwal Sahib to Guru Chakk (Amritsar), visited KHADOOR SAHIB as well.

SHRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI while going from Goindwal Sahib to Amritsar visited KHADOOR SAHIB.

SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI after the marriage of his daugter, BIBI VEERO, went to Goindwal Sahib through KHADOOR SAHIB along with his family. Also some scholars of Sikh Panth, after the cremation of BHAI GURDASS JI, spent the afternoon at KHADOOR SAHIB while going to Amritsar.

SHRI GURU HAR RAI JI while going to Goindwal Sahib along with 2200 horse riders visited KHADOOR SAHIB on the way.

SHRI GURU TEG BAHADUR JI after acquiring the GURGADDI, in relation to the upkeep of the various places related to the First GURU sahibaan, came to KHADOOR SAHIB.

Religious Scholar BABA BUDDA JI spent around 12 years here. Here only BABA JI applied Tilak to SHRI GURU AMARDASS JI when he took GURGADDI.

Here only SHRI GURU ANGAD DEV JI worked on improvement of Gurmukhi Lippi & wrote the first Punjabi book in rememberence of which GURUDWARA MALH AKHARA has been built. Here only GURU JI got information regarding BHAI PAIRA MOKHA JI from Bala Ji & got the biography written for GURU NANAK DEV JI. Bhai Bala Ji's grave is built near GURUDWARA TAPIANA SAHIB. Here only did GURU JI took care of the "Baani"(writings in Guru Granth the sacred book of the Sikhs) written by GURU NANAK DEV JI & also wrote his "Baani".

State : Punjab
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