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Pilgrimage in India -Gurudwaras(गुरूद्वारे)

Gurudwara Kot Shamhir

GURUDWARA SHRI PATSHAHI DASVIN SAHIB is situated in Village kotshamir Distt Bathinda. This village is situated on Bathinda Talwandi Sabo road. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji came here while coming back from Qilla Mubarak Sahib Bathinda. Along with GURU SAHIB was Monster who later Guru Sahib sent to Fatehgarh Sahib. Local People served Guru Sahib with food and other services. Guru Sahib had datan with flahi and after that he burried it there. Which later on growed up to a tree. Even now a days there are many flahi trees in the area.

Gurudwara Kot Shamhir village 12 km southeast Distt. Bathinda State of Punjab is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who visited here during his sojourn at Talvandi Sabo, in 1706. According to Sdkhi Potlii, Bhat Dalla, the local chieftain who was also a disciple, came to call on him. Jandalivala Tibba, a sandy mound, where according to local tradition the meeting took place, can still be seen 2 km soulli of the village. Gurdwara Patshahi Dasamt commemorating Guru Gobind Singh visit is situated on a low mound, west of the village.

It comprises a hall, with a square sanctum in the middle. Above the sanctum is a squareroom, with a wide coping, topped by a ribbed lotus dome. The Gurdwara is administered by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee through a local committee. Besides the daily services, special divans take place on all major Sikh anniversaries. The Guru Gobind Singh`s birthday is marked by a religious procession through the village.

State : Punjab
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