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Pilgrimage in India -Gurudwaras(गुरूद्वारे)

Gurudwara Sri Qila Lohgarh Sahib

Two history of Gurudwara Sri Qila Lohgarh Sahib

Gurudwara Sri Qila Lohgarh Sahib
is situated in Distt City Amritsar. It is situated in the old Amritsar City inside Lohgarh Gate Area. After Martyrdom of SHRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI at Lahore, Baba Budha ji announce SHRI HARGOBIND SAHIB JI as sixth GURU. SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI started raising the army of Sant Soldiers to fight against the cruelty. GURU SAHIB raised here the Lohgarh Fort(Now Known as GURUDWARA SHRI LOHGARH SAHIB).

Its located in the outskirts of Sri Anandpur Sahib and is of great importance. It was second strongest Qila after Qila Anandgarh Sahib as it was on southern side of city Guru Sahib had set up a factory for manufacturing of arms. The hill armies attacked city Anandpur Sahib many times but hesitated to attack the Qila as they won’t be able to break its gate. On 1 September 1700 hill armies attacked this fort to break the gate of fort they brought the drunk elephant. With blessing from Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Bhai Bachitar Singh ji attacked the elephant with again spear (still lying at Sri Kesgarh Sahib). The wounded elephant retreated killing the soldiers from hill armies. Bhai Uday Singh Choped the head of Raja Kesari Chand on the same day here only after Sikhs evacuated this city in dec 1705 hill armies occupied this Qila and demolished it

State : Punjab
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